We have 5 types of Lashists available to choose from!

All our lashists prices vary, please click book now to see individuals prices & application times

Beginner Lashist: This Lash artist is at the learning stages of lash artistry and under the owners supervision. These classic full sets and fills are significantly discounted due to the fact your lashes may not be as perfect as they would with one of our more experienced artists. You can expect Full Sets to be 2.5 hours and fills at least 1.5 hours.

Junior Lashist: This Lash artist is usually someone who is slightly more advanced then the beginning stages of lash artistry. Their skills are still improving and will typically take them 2 hours for a Full Set, and 1.5 hours for fills, but will create beautiful results for you!

Advanced Lashist: This Lash artist is one whos skills are almost perfected. This is also someone who has been lashing for at least 6 months and can create nearly perfect lashes for you.

Master Lashist: Pick this Lash artist if you want a full and perfect result. These artists have been lashing for at least 2 years with amazing sets of lashes for every client.  

Master Plus: These Lash artists are someone that has been a master lashist for a minimum of at least 3 years or their skills have exceeded the rest and are the most talented artists.

Jen-Master Plus Lashist

Jen is a licensed Esthetician & the owner of Lash Divas Day Spa. She has been placing individual lash extensions for 14yrs. She was one of the very first lash artists in Washington. She has much expertise in making sure every extension is placed completely individual. Jen has been in numerous articles including Spa magazine for her work. 

Ellie- Master Lashist/ Esthetician

Ellie has been an esthetician for over 7 years. She specializes in lash extensions and body waxing. She strives for perfection and wants to make every client feel comfortable after every service. Ellie's favorite part about being an esthetician is making her clients feel more confident and beautiful. We have been very impressed with Ellies ability to achieve long lasting lash retention and her clients have been very happy with her results!

​​Christine-Master Plus Lashist

Christine has been applying lashes for 3 years. She is one of our best artists with now being a master plus level, her lashes last for many weeks without needing a fill! Christine gets very booked up so if you want to have the privilage of seeing her you better book ahead. She is very sweet and quiet, but don't let that fool you her lashes are very loud! She will leave your lashes beautiful, full, and have you happy to show off your new lashes to your friends!

Natalie-Master Lashist/ Waxing specialist

Natalie has been applying lashes for nearly 3 years now. She is newer to Lash Divas, but we are so excited to have her on our team! She hand makes volume fans so that they last the longest with the softest result. She also is one of our licensed estheticians performing amazing facials and body waxing. If you want to feel pampered she is your girl!

Kassie-Master Lashist
Kassie has been fitting in quite nicely at Lash Divas. She has been lashing for a year now. She was trained by Jen and her skills keep getting better with each application. Her passion for the salon industry shines through with every client. She loves doing lashes and it tells with her compassion for her clients. Need a facial? Kassie also specializes in skincare and can keep you stay informed with what your skin needs.

Mel-Master Lashist

Mel is newer to Lash Divas in 2022, but not new to the lash game! She loves doing full volume lashes and clients are just loving their lashes from her. She is very sweet and we are so excited she joined us.

Lyric-Advanced Lashist

Lyric has been applying lashes for 3 years, but took a break for awhile while raising her 3 children. She is very sweet and loves lashing. She takes a little longer, but she sure has some happy clients loving their lashes and rebooking every time with her. We just love Lyric and her happy vibe!


​Katrina-Junior lashist

Katrina is one of our estheticians and was trained in lashes under Jen. She is loving the lash game and her skill level is geting better everyday. Looking for a great deal? Book with her at a discounted rate, but her books are filling up fast! She will be moving up a level very soon:)

Callie- Manager / Spa Hostess

Callie has been at Lash Divas for 6 years and we are happy to have her in charge of making sure the spa runs smoothly! She prides her work on getting to know our clients and making sure everyone's needs are being met. All our clients get excited to chat with Callie:) Any questions, concerns, or just have some input she's your girl to talk to! Easiest way to get a hold of her is through our text service line 253-799-1327