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**After care for your lashes is located at bottom of page**

Q. What the heck are lash extensions?

A. Lash extensions are a polyester silk material which is the closest to natural hair. They are individually placed onto each of your natural lashes, one at a time, using tweezers to separate each lash and surgical grade adhesive to bond each one. These are bonded individually so that your natural lashes can grow at different rates and naturally shed out when your natural lashes do. Your natural lash cycle will shed lashes everyday, but usually sheds many every 30-60 days. This is why after getting your lashes fills are needed about every 2-3 weeks to keep them full and on point!

Q. Why do they come off?

A. Everyones natural lashes shed about every 30-60 days. Most people just don't notice it because it happens in the shower or when you sleep. When your natural lashes shed one at a time so do your extensions. They are permanently bonded, but since your natural lashes aren't permanent neither are your extensions. This is why fills are needed. Don't worry your lashes always keep growing. It's your bodies defense system against sweat and tears. When one lash falls out a new one is growing underneath, kind of like a baby tooth.

Q. How often do I have to come get fills?

A. Everyones natural lashes shed out differently so a lot of it depends on that. The other main reason peoples lash extensions come out prematurealy its because they either get rubbed, slept on, or have some kind of oily products on or near the eyelids. Most clients get fills between 2-4 weeks with most averaging 2-3 weeks.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. Absolutely not! If you are at a place and it is hurting or uncomfortable, get the F out!

Q. Will my extensions be full like Kim Kardashians?

A. Maybe...It all depends on how many natural lashes you have. If you have 20 natural lashes you get 20 extensions. We can change the thickness, length, and curl to some degree. We won't cake a bunch on top of each other like some salons out there. That looks good for about a week, but then your natural lashes will take a beating underneath from the weight and the amount of glue. We do make sure to cover every lash to give you the fullest look possible. We also have some techniques to give you a fuller look if you are a good candidate.

Q. What if I don't want them anymore?

A. too bad you are stuck with them...Just kidding! We have a mild cream that is gently placed on your extensions that removes the bond and they slip right off.

Q. Can I shower and workout with them?

A. Yes, please do! You just have to wait 24-48 hours to be around any kind of heat, steam, or submerging them.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. We keep our costs as low as possible. The only thing is sometimes remember that saying you get what you pay for? Well this definitely goes for lash extensions. We use the highest quality extensions, not some cheap plastic and corse ones that your friends could be wearing from a groupon. We also take the time to make sure every lash is covered to meet your desires of a full look. So some may say yes it does cost a "pretty penny" your first visit, but after that we only charge you for fills, which we try to keep very reasonable and comparable to other quality lash spas.

**We also have different levels of Lashists to fit every budget!**

We have 5 different levels with different pricing for each Diva. Best way to check prices is to click on the book now button and you can click on each girl and each service to see the different pricing

*Beginner Lashist

Just finished training, but still slower paced application times & might not be as perfect while they are still in the learning phase.

*Junior Lashist 

These Divas have been lashing for a minimum of 3 months on their own, but still perfecting their skills. Your appointment can take a little longer with a Junior artist.

*Advanced Lashist

These Divas have been lashing lonmg enough with good isolation and good retention. Your lashes might not be 100% Perfection, but pretty dang close.  Great pricing and results with these Divas!

*Master Lashist

Welcome to your perfect set of lashes! These ladies have been lashing for a minimum of 3 years and will leave your lashes full, dark, and lasting:)

*Master Plus+

These Divas have been lashing at Lash Divas for either a minimum of 5 years or their skill level is at the best of the best around. They might be priced slightly higher, but you won't regret it!!

Q. Will this make my lashes ruined or break them off?

A. This does happen a lot when you go to a salon that is not trained right so that's why you hear about all the horror stories of peoples lashes being bald after they take their extensions off. There are a couple of reasons why this can happen. If someone has very thin natural lashes, but wants a really dramatic unrealistic look. Or if the technician just cakes a bunch of extensions on there to please the client, what she might not tell you is that your natural lashes can't breathe right, grow individually, or handle the weight of the extensions,  which causes your natural lashes to break off under your extensions. Then when that person goes back for their fills there is gaps from the breakage. Usually the person loved how full they looked so they tell the technician to fill them that way again and instead of the technician explaining that its not the correct way of applying them (usually cause they want to please the client) they go ahead and fill them anyways and at that point they definitely have to use more glue and more piggy backed extensions to create that look. When they are half bald its usually too late to keep filling them so they fall and grow crooked and at that point most people pick off the stragglers which really does a number to them. Then last, but not least that client tells all their friends that lash extensions will ruin your lashes. NOW... this is why we are different. We take the time to do it correctly. If its not done right we wont do it at all. 

Lash After care instructions:

First 2 hours:

*Do not touch your extensions, the adhesive needs to stay drying in a specific place.

*Do not get your extensions wet or come in contact with any *steam or *heat especially not hot tubs, baths, or saunas.

First 48 hours:

*Do not take a long hot steamy shower, the adhesive is curing the first 2 days so its important to not disrupt the bonding with any heat, steam, or submerging them. 

*You can shower, just make it a quick one that isn't too hot, also make sure the fan is on to avoid any steam.

*Avoid any All things that include heat, steam, or submerging which are;

swimming, saunas, baths, hot tubs, tanning, oven doors, bbq's, dishwasher doors, hot yoga, facials, or any heavy working out the first 2 days.

Always avoid:

*Touching, or brushing your extensions. Some salons will give you a brush or wand to comb them. This is terrible because those brushes are created for mascara onto natural lashes, and your extensions are thicker at the base than a natural lash. Brushing them will cause snagging at the base and also pulling on your natural lashes underneath. This will cause major breakage. Sure brushing them will straighten them for a few hours, but when they get snagged the base comes unbonded and will eveantually fall to the side. This is what causes criss crossing. If you need to straighten your extensions you may use a clean instrument at the tips only to adjust them slightly, but always avoid the base where they are bonded.

*If they are funky looking when you get out of the shower (which they usually are) take your blow dryer on a cooler setting and blow and fluff them back up.

Sleeping on them will cause them to go crooked, but usually they will straighten back out after your shower or a couple hours. 

Avoid Oily products such as;

*Avoid Any kind of makeup removers or wipes (even if they claim oil free)

Spray tanning on the lashes, spray tan contains lots of oil

Eyeliners, all eyeliner contains some sort of oil, even if it says oil free there is usually an ingredient derived from oil.

If you would like to wear eyeliner you may use a black powder with a wet angle brush to create a dark line. Or purchase a liquid safe long lasting liner form us. Our liquid liner stays in place until you wash it off....its amazing!

**Never put mascara on your extensions at any time.** Doing so will result in oil residue on your extensions which you cannot remove with out scrubbing them. We do not want you scrubbing your extensions since this will unbond them at the base and cause breakage. If you apply mascara , even if its just once, we will have to remove your extensions, clean off the mascara residue completely, then apply a new set at a higher cost. If you feel like you need to apply mascara please come in for a fill, or use black eye shadow as a liner above to help disguise any gaps until you are able to come in for your fill.

*You may wear any eyeliner and mascara on the bottom lashes, but you need to make sure to remove before sleeping (with baby shampoo & water mixture ONLY) since your eyes will be closed and touching, this will cause mascara to get on your upper extensions during the night. 

If mascara or eyeliner get on your extensions we will have to completely remove your extensions and apply a full set at a higher cost due to the fact anything we bond over any eyeliners and mascaras will not last from the oil barrier. The only way to completely get off makeup products like that is to remove and prime your natural lashes to get a long lasting bond.

*We do sell specific eyeliners created for extensions if you need one.


*Clean around your eyes with baby shampoo and water mixture. The best way to do this is grab some baby shampoo (like a travel size one is usually sufficient) empty out most all of it out, fill with water, and shake it up. This will be used as your eye makeup remover. You can dip q-tips into the solution to remove any mascara or eyeliner on the bottom and/or shadow from the top. DO NOT use any sort of makeup remover.

*Don't forget to come in for your scheduled fills

Call with any questions on how to take care of your extensions or questions you have about getting them!