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Advanced Lashist: This Lash artist is one whose skills are almost perfected. They still aren't quite to our top level but very close. You can expect their Full Sets to be roughly 2 hours and Fills 1.5 hours.

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Beginner Lashist: This Lash Artist is in the learning stages of lash artistry and is still under the owners supervision. These Classic Full Sets and Fills are significantly discounted due to the fact that your lashes may not be as perfect as they would be with one of our more experienced artists. You can expect Full Sets to be around 2.5 hours and fills 1.5 hours.

We have 5 types of Lashists available to choose from! All our lashists prices vary, please click the book now button to see individuals prices & application times.

Junior Lashist: This Lash Artist is usually someone who is slightly more advanced than a beginner. Their skills are still improving and typically still take 2 hours for a Full Set, and 1.5 hours for a Fill

Master Lashist: Pick this Lash Artist if you want a full and perfect result. Full Sets typically take 1-2 hours depending on the type of lashes, Fills roughly 1 hour. 

Master Plus Lashist: These Lash artists exceed the rest and are the most talented lash artists. Full Sets are usually 1- 1.2 hours, and fills 40min-1hour